What is Yolanda Listening To?

I listen to a lot of podcast, and the ones I subscribe/listen to change constantly. Here is what I'm listening to at the moment:

My Top 10

  1. Another Round with Heben & Tracy
  2. Code Switch
  3. Dinner Party Download
  4. It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders
  5. Longform Podcast
  6. Pop Culture Happy Hour
  7. Reply All
  8. Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau
  9. The Sporkful
  10. Still Processing

The Rest of My Faves

  1. Behind the Brilliance with Nicole Bell
  2. The Chair with Ramona Wright
  3. Good Life Project
  4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  5. Judge John Hodgman
  6. Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman
  7. Misandry with Marcia and Rae
  8. Nancy
  9. The Nod
  10. Note to Self
  11. Pod Save America
  12. Politically Re-Active
  13. Recode Decode Hosted by Kara Swisher
  14. Rework
  15. Rough Translation
  16. Savage Lovecast
  17. See Something Say Something
  18. Slate Represent
  19. Uncivil
  20. Who? Weekly

Last updated: September 21, 2017

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