Yolanda Enoch

Hi, I’m Yolanda.

I can help you organize your home and digital life and establish systems to keep them organized…so you can spend your mental resources on the things you actually care about.

Image of Yolanda EnochMy experience is in HR, recruiting, and client management, where I was known for my strong organizational skills. I’m unfazed by large amounts of data, can cut through the clutter and make a plan, and I know how to keep others accountable.

Having systems, especially for those mundane – but necessary – things in our lives makes life easier. When you handle them consistently, they rarely overwhelm or disrupt your life. Work with me to reclaim the mental energy wasted thinking about those things…and use it on the people and work that you care about.

I’m also the queen of creating comfy living spaces in tiny/tight places. #ReclaimVsTradingUp

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