Welcome to YolandaEnoch.com

I’m quite obsessed with two things: learning+upgrading my tech skills and keeping my digital life organized.

The former, after learning about backups the day after my computer died (I feel your pain Carrie Bradshaw), and the latter, after buying a new laptop and moving my life to “the cloud.”

Reading user manuals (I always read them on new purchases), watching YouTube videos, and being a super-curious person has served me well. Now when I set out to learn a new tech skill, I can figure out quickly what skills will be used most often and get proficient pretty fast.

There’s a great sense of accomplishment in being able to update my website, upgrade my Mac or smartphone, design a graphic, and shoot and edit a video without being dependent on others to do these things for me.

This site is where I teach tech skills to freelancers and solopreneurs so that they are no longer being held back from creating and delivering the products and services that will grow their business.

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These are a few of my favorite things…

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