“We are told to become a noun (singer, gardener, writer), but the vitality of life is staying a verb.” ~Mark Nepo

I feel alive when I organize things and interview people.

How did those become my verbs?

Well, my first iPod got me hooked on technology. Now I have more gadgets than I need and even more digital data – photos, files, contacts, social media, etc. – to deal with. Establishing how I organize these things became a necessity, and now I help others deal with their digital clutter.

Being a Recruiter is one of the best jobs I’ve ever have. I’ve interviewed thousands of people, and what I know for sure is that there’s more than one path to any job…a myth we are led to believe and a prototype we think we should follow.

Which leads to my most personally-fulfilling project to date: The Path podcast. This is where I interview women of color, explore their career paths, and dissect the unspoken rules that have helped them excel in their career. I am introducing my #NotTheStandout community to what Laverne Cox calls possibility models: these aren’t women we should model our life after but women who are proof that it’s possible to live our dreams.

The content on yolandaenoch.com shares my knowledge about digital organization and technology. My main focus currently is how to organize digital photos.

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